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90%* of fintechs already offer these features... What about you ?

Payment systems are always evolving, constantly introducing new features that have become vital for your cardholders. What are they? Are you keeping up?

Discover the 5 essential features in 2021.

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1. Lock or unlock cards with one click

Your cardholders want everything to be instant and easy! Make sure they can securely lock or unlock their card with one click, directly via your mobile banking app. Whereas cancelling cards is irreversible, locking is temporary and offers some flexibility for your cardholders, so they can reverse their action (if necessary).

2. Pay on mobile phones with "X-Pay" 

Why miss out on more than 6 million potential users in France[**]? The health crisis has accelerated mobile payments, making X-Pay vital for all your cardholders. It’s no longer an option, but what your customers expect, and a real opportunity to build customer loyalty! Make sure their payments are fast and easy: online and in store. Attract new customers with a payment method that becomes embedded in consumer behaviour and habits.

3. View the card PIN code 

Allow your holders to view their PIN directly in their app. This feature, secured by strong customer authentication, will make their lives easier and avoid the inconvenience of a blocked card… After all, everyone deserves a second chance… 😊

4. View and copy credit card details

112.2 billion euros. This was the e-commerce turnover in 2020, which despite the health crisis, increased by 8.5% compared to 2019[***]. Clearly more and more of your cardholders are shopping online. Help them save time and make shopping quicker by securely copying their card data directly from their mobile app. This means they don’t have to get out their credit cards to recopy the information and they won't waste time by making any mistakes. It’s quick and easy every time!

5. Create virtual cards

Reassure nervous cardholders, so they can shop online with peace of mind. Reduce the risk of fraud by giving them the option to create a virtual card when they’re shopping, from your banking app. Save time for those in a hurry, by letting them continue paying if their card is lost or stolen. With this feature, they can instantly create a virtual card while waiting to get their new physical card. In short, don't miss out on this innovative feature with a host of benefits!

[*] Monext's study - Figures 2021

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