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New functionalities Payline #4.62

New features
Chèque Vacances Connect holiday vouchers
The ANCV Connect payment method is making its holiday vouchers paperless. It offers a new mobile application payment solution for the 4.5 million customers who purchased its holiday vouchers in 2018. This new payment method will replace the Chèque-Vacances vouchers. Recipients will be able to use the vouchers with a network of tourism and leisure professionals simply by using a payment application on their Smartphones. The aim of making the vouchers paperless is to expand the number of recipients.
You can facilitate and improve your payment pathway with Payline’s WebPayment API while enjoying the same functions such as top-up payments.

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Card checks when a booking is made using several cards

Payline offers to manage your information requests with multi-card payments. You can check the validity of the bank card to start your bookings and make payments at a later time. This solution enables you to offer the customer the option of sharing the booking by paying with several cards, stating the amount for each bank card. This function is useful for large amounts such as holidays or travel.

Easy to configure, you can process information requests with the 148 action code, cancel orders and authorise refunds. This solution is fully integrated in the Payline payment web page.

New card type anti-fraud rule

We are introducing a new card type anti-fraud rule in the Payline administration centre with a view to monitoring the type of bank card used by a customer. Four types can be monitored: credit, debit, prepaid and corporate.

You will find further details in the on-line documentation, with examples of use.

Management of Softdecline with 3D Secure 2.0

As part of strong customer authentication with 3D Secure version 2.0, you can use the SoftDecline function. This represents a refusal of payment authorisation when an authorisation request is made without prior authentication. Payline sends a return code so that you can launch an authentication request for the customer and retry the authorisation request with the authentication data.

With the WebPayment API, Payline automatically launches a new authentication request and a new payment request.

You must configure your contract with the Automatic Retry option on a contract configured 3DS 2.0. In the administration centre, you can identify Automatic Retry transactions in the Origin field.

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