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An option that makes your service irresistible to your cardholders!

Against a backdrop of ultra-personalisation, you can select the colour of the crocodile on your polo, the hands on your watch, the screen of your connected watch or customise your socks with a photo of your dog. Why not be able to choose the PIN code for your card?

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MONEXT offers the option of selecting the card PIN code to simplify the lives of your current and future cardholders 🚀. Users select a PIN code that is easy to remember (and which complies with security requirements).

Once they have selected THE perfect code, the card is produced with the code incorporated. 

Are we done?

No, there’s more! You can also make it possible for your cardholders to change PIN code during the card’s life cycle. After it has been issued.

Some countries are very keen on this option, such as Portugal and Belgium. Belgian and Portuguese cardholders change their PIN codes if they have the slightest doubt or simply as a precaution. 


There are two ways to change the PIN code after the card has been issued: 

  •  Via your banking app,  
Mockup changement code PIN
  •  Or, and not many people know this, directly at the cash machine! Inspired by best practices in Europe, MONEXT enables you to offer your cardholders this functionality.  


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